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Sessions and Speakers

PACE is proud to continue our tradition of providing sessions on the latest trends, best practices and solutions on the issues and concerns you face today.

PACE Annual Convention and Expo Speakers


Here’s what you’ll learn about in the ACX20 breakout sessions:

  • How To Connect VOC With Your Firm’s Key Operational Drivers
  • So Many Tools, So Many Metrics, Yet So Many Unhappy Customers: How to Truly Impact Your Company’s CX
  • How Will the Gig Economy Help Us Rethink Customer Support in the Digital Age?
  • Customer Journey Mapping – How Contact Center Data Is Changing the Way Leading Organizations Understand and Serve Their Customers
  • The Next Generation of Quality Assurance: From Scoreless Score Cards, to Privacy, to Customer Sentiment – Learn What’s Coming Next
  • The Complexities of the Modern-Day Employee Experience and How to Unlock a Better and Simpler Customer Experience
  • Omni Channel – What’s Real and What’s Next
  • Key Components of Successful Client Relationship Management in A Multi-Vendor World.
  • AI – Taking Contact Centers and CX to the Next Level
  • Integration of Chatbots and Other New Technology
  • Gamification in Your Contact Center
  • TCPA – Recent Enforcement Actions and Class Actions Addressing Affiliate Marketing, Consent and Vicarious Liability
  • Privacy, CCPA and the Future of Privacy Regulation
  • The Future is Now – Call authentication and what call originators need to know to obtain authentication and why it is critical to minimizes call blocking


Check back soon for a list of the industry experts we are bringing to you for ACX20!

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